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You are a monster hunter who's looking to retire from the profession. However your tastes mean that you simply aren't willing to settle down with just anyone, it's got to be a monster-girl. So you plan your last hunt, where it will be tame or be tamed. Gameplay is broken up into two phases. In the map screen you choose your route to your target while viewing events and keep your attributes up for the battle ahead. The battle screen is a turn based fight, but you play minigames to determine the outcome of attacks.

This game's programming and writing was done by Dark Master, the artwork and animation was done by The Hidden Hanger.



This game was done for the Lewd Jam and completed in 13 days. It features m/f sexual content. Fetishes involved are monster girls, harvesting body substances, and both dominance and submission.

Best configuration to play in is 1280x720 windowed or smaller. Game was designed for a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Published Sep 29, 2016
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Tagsminigames, Monsters
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Download and extract files. Run as is.


One Last Hunt (Lewd Jam Version).rar 44 MB


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so is this game supposed to be impossible? because I've tried the Minotaur boss over and over again four the past hour without any success. I'll go through the ball dodging minigame without being hit once and still take damage, the enemy will still do nearly twice the damage I do despite the fact that I can do damaging attacks twice as often as she does, and the basic attack is next to useless. I am really pissed off  right now.

The basic attack is a red herring, don't use it.  The way you're intended to do the fight is to drain at least one of your opponent's attributes to zero and then use taming to win.  Do you need other hints or do you think you can figure it out now?

It was never compiled for linux and I have no linux box.  At present time, the game is windows only.  It's listed in additional information.

okay, but is it Linux ?

Need skip button or reset button

In battle: The spheres left by the enemy on the screen at the end of an attack continue on the screen with the next attack (they cause damage, remain static on the stage). When the enemy rush and shoots at the same time, the shot can become static on the stage. The green box: even if it is green, decrease your points if a section of the drop is off, or the collition target is the top tip of the drop?